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What is a day of coordinator

It’s fun to plan events, but being your own event planner can make it difficult to enjoy your special day. Who really wants to be caught up in all of the nitty gritty details when you are supposed to be having fun? That’s where a day of coordinator comes in. A day of coordinator is ideal for those planning an event for themselves. They allow the DIY planner to enjoy every aspect of their event by handling things on the big day.

The person planning the event provides the coordinator with all of the details and lets the coordinator bring the plan to life. The coordinator will handle set up, tear down, and everything in between. They will also run your rehearsal if it’s a wedding. Your coordinator is also the contact person for vendors, can make day-of final payments, provide advice, and so much more. They will even make judgment calls on last minute problems so that you don’t have to.

If you end up hiring a day of coordinator, be sure you are hiring one that has an agreement that lists all of the services they do provide, as well as a list of the ones they don’t. You don’t want any surprises after you’ve signed. A lot of times agreements are written by an attorney so they can look a little scary so be sure to ask for clarification if you need it.

I’m a day of coordinator, but still hired one for my daughter’s wedding. I planned her wedding but wanted to enjoy the day. If you follow my blog, you will find almost all of my posts are about questions I had, or things I ran into, during the planning and execution of her wedding. So check out my other articles here to find the answers to all of your wedding and event coordinating questions!

(Photo by Emma Donald Photography)

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