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Let's talk about linens

Linens were one of the hardest things about planning my daughter's wedding. Buy rent buy rent… I went back and forth with that debate in my head so many times. At first, it looked like it was going to be cheaper to just buy them. That way I could turn around and sell to recover some of the cost. But I quickly realized that it wasn’t that simple. If I bought, I would need to get all of the linens steamed prior to the wedding, unless I wanted to do that myself, and then afterwards, I would have to have them dry cleaned. With all of that factored in, my $8 per 60” round linen now becomes more than $20 each. Why would I spend that when I could rent them for $15 and not have the stress of ironing, dry cleaning, and then trying to sell them? I obviously opted to rent. I did however purchase the few of the runners that I needed and the spandex pub table cloths. All I needed to do was throw them in the wash afterwards. No ironing needed. Now that was money well spent.

(Photo by Magnolia Wilde Photography)

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