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Sometimes less is more

Something to consider is that you don’t have to have an over the top wedding for it to be a magical event. You know the saying sometimes less is more. Well if it’s not a saying it should be.

In planning my daughter’s wedding one of the biggest things I struggled with was the centerpieces. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out if what we planned was going to be grand enough for the large venue. I kept thinking I needed something taller to fill the space. Let’s be real though. The space was a venue that fit 300 people and was the height of a 4 story building. There was no way I was going to fill that space. We kept the centerpieces as planned… simple. They looked amazing and simply elegant. I’m actually glad we didn’t change them. It was what she wanted and was perfect.

Do you remember what the centerpieces looked like at the last wedding you attended? Because I sure don’t, which is something I had to remind myself of. Instead of changing them I asked the DJ if he could bring uplighting. The uplighting was exactly what was needed to fill the space.

Keep in mind that this is your day. You plan it the way you want and with the things you love and don’t worry about what you think others would want you to have or do. If you want beer and pizza… then have beer and pizza. If you want a coffee bar and donuts… have the coffee and donuts.

(Photo by Magnolia Wilde Photography)

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