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Rain or Shine!

I know no bride wants it to rain or snow on their wedding day, but what if you embraced Mother Nature?! I have seen some epic ceremony pictures shot in the rain. I would recommend that you get the bridal party and your immediate family's buy-in prior to making the call, but if you decide to commit to the rainy wedding, I guarantee it will be one to remember! However, it may not be ideal for guests, since they didn’t sign up to be sitting outside rain or shine… so maybe have a backup for them if a rainy wedding is something you want to go for. Maybe offer seating under a tent for those who don’t want to sit in the rain, with the bridal party being outside. Or if your venue has a large back porch that’s out of the elements, you can have chairs set up there.

One thing you will definitely have to keep in mind if you’re embracing Mother Nature is that you’ll need additional time between your ceremony and reception to get ready all over again. That extra prep would take up a good chunk of time, but could be worth it. Be sure to add that additional time in your timeline/plan for the day. Maybe add a cocktail hour, or extend the planned one, to give guests something to do while you get ready. If you have a longer cocktail hour, make sure you have some kind of food for guests. You don’t want them getting tipsy before the reception even starts.

I’ll leave you with this question; people get married in the snow all the time, so why not the rain?!

(Photo by Marina Abrosimova from Pexels)

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