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Planning an event on a budget

Having an event on a budget? No problem. There are several ways to cut costs without cutting corners.

Bargain shop! The longer you have to shop around, the cheaper you’ll be able to find items. It’s never too early to start planning once you get engaged or have an event date set.

Look for a venue that offers a lot with their package. I’ve seen some offer DJing or bartending with their package, and one even offered liquor insurance (which is required by the state if you are serving liquor at your event). You may even get lucky and find a venue that offers decor you can borrow. I personally offer a closet full of goodies for my clients, so it’s definitely a thing.

Facebook has several groups focused on weddings. Most group followers are brides that just got married and are trying to sell their wedding items. You can almost always get what you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost of buying it new. Even if you’re not planning a wedding, I’d suggest following the pages. A lot of the items used at weddings can also be used at an event.

Shop around and buy from multiple stores if needed. In the end, you will save a lot of money. For example: I was looking for a trio of cylinder vases that were three different heights. I was able to purchase the small and medium vases from the Dollar Tree, and then bought the large size from Walmart. What would have cost me $20 for the three vases bought together as a set, only cost around $8 per set when bought separately.

Buy what you can in bulk from, Sam’s Club, or Costco. You may end up with extras, but I’m a fan of having more than needed rather than not enough (see my post on the importance of having extras here). If you’re planning on doing your own flower arrangements, you can buy them in bulk as well. Believe it or not, you can even buy in bulk off Dollar Tree’s website. There isn’t a price discount, but it’s definitely nice not having to drive to multiple stores to find the amount needed.

Look for vendors that are just starting out. Sometimes you can get discounts on services if you help them build their business. They may ask for use of your event images, or ask you to share certain posts of theirs on social media, but the savings from this can be considerable.

Something else to consider is getting married during the off season, where you can get the venue for a cheaper price. Another thing I have noticed is a lot of vendors will offer specials at the end and/or beginning of the year.

You just need to keep your eyes open for the best deals you can find. By shopping around, working with your vendors, and being a little bit flexible with your planning, you can find cost savings everywhere for your event. And take my word for it, those savings add up fast! Finding those bargains are exactly what allows you to cut costs without cutting corners.

(Photo by Rodnae Productions from Pexels)

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