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A few extras never hurt anyone.

I recommend having extra items on hand for the “just in case” moments. Accidents happen, and the last thing you want is to be missing a critical decoration because it broke on the way to the venue. I’m not saying you need to buy extras for everything, but if you know you have something that’s fragile, or would be noticed if it was missed, I would go ahead and get an extra. You can always return it if unused.

In my experience, following this rule has been a lifesaver. I recently had a wedding where two stemmed tea light holders had broken while getting to the event venue. They were meant for centerpieces on the guest tables and it would have been really obvious if they were missing. Thankfully, I planned on having extras. Instead of having to worry about what to do about the centerpieces, I just grabbed the extra tea light holders and kept on setting up. Because I had extras, what could have been a real problem wasn’t even an issue.

I'd even add some plastic tablecloths to my emergency kit. One time I had a photo booth bring an awful color tablecloth that would have clashed with the event decor. Thankfully I had an extra white plastic one to use.

So take my word for it, having extras never hurts!

(Photo by Magnolia Wilde Photography)

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