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Why you should have an emergency kit.

Should I have an emergency kit? The answer is YES! Emergency kits are great to have on hand for any event and I am not just talking about a kit for scrapes and bruises. When building your event emergency kit, think about what you have planned for your day. Do you need extension cords or will the venue have them? Will they have a step stool? Will you have stuff to pack up?

I would recommend packing an emergency kit with any item you THINK you may need. Whether it’s band-aids, bobby pins, or extension cords, having your emergency kit will prevent you, or anyone else, from having to make a trip or two to Walmart. The less coming and going you and your prep team do, the more time you will have for executing your plan.

Here’s a few items to give you an example. Some are only relevant to weddings but it will give you an idea.



Anti-nausea meds

Acid reflux meds

Extension cord

Step stool


Packing tape



Batteries (size is dependent on your needs)

Fashion tape

Safety pins

Bobby pins

Hair ties

Fake lashes… yes lashes

Lash glue



Small travel fan… just trust me on this one

Hopefully you won’t have to use it, but having an emergency kit will save you and your prep team from the headache of tracking down items, or having to leave the venue to get some emergency item. A good day of coordinator will have all these things and much more.

(Photo by Roger Brown from Pexels)

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