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Vendors 101: Asking the right questions

Sorry in advance to all my vendor followers, but brides… hound your vendors! First off, you shouldn’t have to hound a good vendor, but if for some reason you aren’t getting the information you need, and you have a contract, hound them! It’s important that you know their plan and they know yours.

Ask questions. Seriously, ask ALL the questions. Is the DJ bringing lapel mics? Are they going to have mics for your wedding party and parent’s toasts? Is the caterer providing plates, napkins or flatware? Will the bartender bring ice chests and ice, or are you required to provide it?

There are no stupid questions. Remember, they do this for a living so they should know what’s going on, but don’t assume anything is happening unless you have confirmed it with them. We all know the saying about what happens when you assume… This is why asking those questions is so important, especially if you’re planning this event and not working with an event planner. The best advice I can give in regards to vendors is to try and get recommendations from friends and family. You can always ask your venue as well. They’ve done enough events to know which vendors are on their A game and which are not.

(Photo by Eduardo Romero from Pexels)

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